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The Depiction

The subject of the seminar is, as the name 'Digitainment' implies, Information technology for entertainment in the future.
Speakers will have the possibility to talk about subjects like computer games, movies, digital storytelling, entertainment robots and video on demand during the seminar.
The question, which we hope to answer by means of this seminar, is: “What will entertainment be like in the future, under influence of information technology?

For completeness sake, there will be an approach of three different points of view, which will come together at the end of the seminar to form a complete answer, namely:

•    Managemental,
•    Social,
•    Technological.

Each of these points of view will be attended to by (international) speakers from business life and the academic world, who will give an easily accessible introduction to their activities and vision in the area of entertainment and information technology.