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Pre-Registration is closed!

If you want to visit Digitainment 2005: It's still possible to buy tickets at the start of the seminar. If you are an university employee or a student and you want to travel by one of our touringcars from all big universities: Please send us a mail to info@snic.nl

Entrance fee's

We use the following entrance fee's

  • Student: €17,50
  • University employee: €30,00
  • Commercial Company employee: €65,00

What do I get for this?

The following is included with your ticket:

  • Access to the symposium
  • Lunch (no extra costs)
  • Diner (no extra costs)
  • An informal reception (no extra costs)
  • For students/college graduates and university employess: Transportation by touringcar from most Dutch universities to the symposium.
  • Speakers of a international quality level
  • Access to the informationmarket where different large companies will present , where universities give information about their master studies and with some interesting exposition stands.


Touringcar departure cities

There are touringcars departing from the following cities (exact locations will be announced by mail):
  • Amsterdam
  • Eindhoven
  • Enschede (Saxion and University campus)
  • Groningen
  • Tilburg
  • Utrecht